Think about the last time a customer came to your workplace, was the customer impressed or annoyed while leaving? What does your customer think about your service each time they leave your office? Whatever they think is known as customer experience (CX). You might have a representation of your service and your customer experience but whatever your customers think about your service is what the real customer experience is.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is what your customer perceives and feels about your brand, your services, your products and everything related to your enterprise. Customer experience is so delicate and susceptible to change at every interaction. 


Why CX is important


Many organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer experience strategy. 

  • Customer experience is important because it is a customer's overall perception about everything related to your enterprise not your own perception.


  • Whatever a customer feels about you and your services really goes a long way. Customers have the power, so whatever they think about you will affect your brand positively or negatively. 


  • A great customer experience strategy will help retain your customers, increase customers, your customer loyalty and satisfaction. A terrible customer experience will do otherwise.


  • One of the effective ways that can either grow or diminish your enterprise growth is word-of mouth marketing and this is through customers. If a customer has a great and awesome experience with your services, that customer will surely refer you to another person and the cycle continues like that, that is how word-of-mouth marketing works and this will promote your business. However, the case is reversed if a customer has a poor experience while transacting with you.


Putting a great customer experience strategy in place is crucial to your business growth. At every of your interactions with your customer, you always leave an impression and that is what every customer holds on to. Improving your CX is critical to your enterprise growth. Having a positive customer experience will boost your revenue. 

Improving Customer Experience with Lobbybase


Lobbybase is a customer experience software that is designed to gather information from customers, analyze, measure and improve customer experience. Do you want to always leave your customer with a good experience? Improving your customer experience affects organization growth. Like Helmut Schmidt said that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.


As a customer experience software, Lobbybase helps to improve your CX in the following ways:


1. Digital check-in and check-out

Sign in/out sheet is getting outdated and it doesn't give a good impression of your brand. Lobbybase is a customer experience software on which customers can check in and check out when they visit your orgainization. Your customer experience strategy should involve every touchpoint of your service with customers. Starting right from the lobby is important. Your customers feel relaxed and more interested when they realize they are to check in using a digital system. Digital check-in system gives them a good impression of your brand. 


2. Facial recognition

As customers come into your firm, Lobbybase captures their photos which provides recognition for security and promotes customer experience strategy. For CX strategy, customers love to know they are important to you, so calling your customers by their names when you see them leave them with a great customer experience. 

Lobbybase takes every organizational needs into consideration. If you prefer not to capture your customer's photo due to privacy, the facial recognition can be turned off in the settings. 


3. Getting customer feedback

Do you want an interaction between you and your customers? You want to know your customer's feedback on your services as they leave your enterprise? Lobbybase captures that in a smarter way. This eliminates the suggestion box that is rarely effective in your office space. As part of your strategy, your customers can drop their feedback as they check out using the Lobbybase. This makes it easy for you to gather and work on their feedback on time. Your customer experience becomes when they realize you have worked on their feedback.

4. On-time accessibility

Customers need to be able to access your service and support teams. Some of your customers may want to see specific people in your enterprise, as they are checking in, Lobbybase asks who they want to see. The staff they want to see automatically gets notified through an email and a SMS. This reduces crowd in your lobby and customer's waiting time. The system gives your enterprise a professional look as no one is running to inform a staff about a customer's presence. Customers love to be attended to on time and Lobbybase makes that happen.

5. Regular follow-up on customers

Customers need to know that they are a great part of your enterprise. You can achieve this by sending regular updates, appreciation texts and information that concerns them. Using Lobbybase as your customer experience software helps to capture your customers contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers. With this, it becomes easy for you to follow them up regularly.

6. Customers details follow-up

As part of your customer experience design to improve your customer experience, following up on your customer details when necessary gives your brand an elevated customer experience.

What do you think when a client comes into your firm and sees a check-in system that says "Smile for the camera"? The client will naturally respond to that instruction even if tensed. Yes- you have gotten that client's attention. Your customer experience strategy starts right from your lobby and that is why you need Lobbybase.

Having an exceptional customer experience needs an exceptional customer experience design. Your CX design must include every part of your enterprise. Every of your touchpoints within your customer’s interaction with your services should be designed to deliver great experiences. Your branding, check-in/out experience, customer service relationship, customer feedback are some of the things you need to consider in your customer experience strategy.

Knowing that delivering a great customer experience is crucial to your enterprise growth, sign up for a 14-day free trial on Lobbybase.