Front Desk Ettiqiuettes for Front Desk Specialists


It is imperative that a front desk specialist always uses superb etiquette especially when talking to customers or even potential customers. The front desk specialist is usually the first point of contact within the office premises and has the saying goes " First impressions matters a lot". Although we have advanced technologically, the phone is still the primary source of communication in most businesses or companies 


From time to time we may forget the importance of a kind tone and carefully worded phrases might have on an individual. This can leave a lasting impression on both you and the company you represent, so it is essential to always be professional and set the tone right especially while handling a conversation.  The customer's perception is your reality and that perception can also be through a phone. Front Desk specialist telephone etiquette is crucial and although is it one of the many skills front desk specialist should have, it is very important to master proper phone manners. For example, you must always be courteous by starting a call with greetings like "Hello, Good Morning" or " Hello Good Evening" depending on the time of the day

 Your front desk specialist is basically the voice of your organization, Many customers are most likely to have a first impression by whom they speak to or see at the front desk and in order to not disappoint or tarnish the image of the company the front desk specialist must know what to say at the right time and also be composed and ready for any questions any customer may ask. Apart from phone etiquette, the front desk specialist must know every detail of the company because potential customers may call in to ask questions about products available or what they have to offer such customers, so the front desk specialist must always be up to date with everything in the office  Phone etiquette is based on the ability to listen actively and respond appropriately. This means a lot which includes not interrupting callers and repeating important information back to them when taking messages, this mostly verify that the front desk specialist heard and can transcribe facts accurately.    

Here are some of the phone etiquette every front desk specialist 


The most important thing is to pick up the call at the right time, customers or clients may urgently need to ask questions or make inquries and if the front desk specialist doesn't pick up on time, it likely this may throw the customer off and that does not portray a good image for the company, the customer may think that the front desk person is not organized or even the company itself does not have an organized structure and like earlier stated it does not give a good business image.  


Before attending to a phone call, you must make sure that the noise in that area is cancelled and they must be no distractions. you always want to make sure you check your environment before attending to a customer. it is very important to make sure that noise and distractions because it can worsen the cutomer's mood and make it seem like the call is unimportant  


Once you pick a call make sure to greet, greeting is important because it gives the customer a feel of being welcomed and not shunned away, Make sure to always set the tone right, your tone should be comforting and friendly. The tone should also be slow so the caller will clearly understand what the front desk specialist is saying to avoid repetition. Your tone should not be loud or too low you must find balance. So immediately you pick the call you greet with a warm welcome, then proceed to say your name followed by the name of the company that is being called.     


The technique called active listening is a helpful tool to ensure you give customers or potential customers a listening ear. Listening to the caller attentively to determine the best way to assist and to show interest and concern. Another thing to do is take notes while listening, wait for the caller to speak and make sure to repeat key points or ask questions to clarify the need of the customer  


When you answer the phone, make sure to be polite and friendly. Whatever greeting you go with, make sure it is professional, cheerful and carries a pleasant tone. Smile while on calls because it naturally improves your voice and makes it seem energetic and friendly. Always make sure you are not eating or chewing gum when attending to a call, it can be unpleasant for the customer.   


When a question is asked by a customer and you have to make findings about questions asked you have to make sure you don't hold the customer for long, that can pissed the customer off and not make a good impression. Always ask a caller's permission to place on hold if necessary and make sure that within a few minutes even if you have not gotten the answer you, you check in with them and assure them that you are still attending to their needs. Also always remember to thank a caller for holding while you attend to them. Here are a few examples of ways you can handle this situation: - That is a good question, let me find an answer for you. Do you mind if I put you on hold?  -I'll be happy to answer that for you. Would you mind if I placed you on hold for a moment?  


Regardless of the caller's tone of voice, stay pleasant and professional. When customers are angry or frustrated. it's important that their emotions aren't a personal attack. Make sure to view every call as the opportunity to solve a problem and help someone off their emotion steam. Gather as much information as you can as you work to help the caller's/ customer's concern.  


Make sure to also speak in a low tone using a moderate volume convey words in a clear and understandable manner. If you are using a headset, be sure to speak directly into the mouthpiece. in a case whereby your hands need to be free to take notes or search for documents you should invest in a good hands free headset and make sure not to put handset on your shoulder because it may makes you sound uncomfortable and the person at the receiving end may think the call doesnt seem important to you.  For a customer to feel comfortable while on a call with a front desk specialist you have to be on your sit properly, put a smile on your face and most importantly make sure that your volume is audible enough and all devices are working fine and in no form or order are been disconnected during a phone call.   


As humans, we are prone to making mistakes and this can apply to when we take notes, when taking notes some important piece of information may have been skipped, so it is important to make sure that you verify what the customer has requested for so you will know how to provide a solution for their needs  


As a front desk specialist you also have to realize that there are rules you should follow before you disconnect from a call, some people rush to put a phone down as soon as the conversation has ended, but a good front desk specialist always knows that he/she should not be in a hurry to put the phone down. The customer must always be the first person to put down the phone and peradventure you do have to disconnect the call upon request avoiding bashing the phone.   


 Another notable thing a front desk specialist should know is that no matter the angle or turn the conversation has taken you must always end the call with a customer with a thank you and also be polite. yes some customers can be rude and impatient but as a front desk specialist you have to know that you are creating a image for yourself and your company and it must always be positive. it may be that the customer is angry or experiencing a bad day hence the reaction, when you are polite and thank the person, they may feel bad and have a change of heart and it may also be noted that they will likely not call back with that same attitude. So no matter how hostile or rude or even impatient a customer is, remember you have to portray your company in good light always and make sure they have a good and positive experience.  If you follow these step to step, you will always have customers make reference to you portraying a good image for the company.