The world is evolving and so is every aspect of it. Times are changing, new challenges are arising thus, different solutions and measures are adapted to solve them.  

eLearning is one of the most popular approaches to solving learning challenges.

What is eLearning?

eLearning means electronic learning, a learning system that is based on the use of electronic devices. It is a form of learning that takes place online.

eLearning has made education interesting and fun and easy to access anytime and anywhere. Classroom has been expanded beyond the four walls of a building. It has been taken to the comfort zone of the teacher and the learner. Paper textbooks, notebooks and curriculum have also been replaced with digital contents that are easily accessible on electronic devices. eLearning has made education easier and more effective.

Adding online learning to your institution learning techniques is a great strategy. Statistics show that roughly 70% of students say they learn best in a blended learning environment, 60% of students say it’s important to have online communication with other students in a structured educational environment, like a forum. That’s because slightly more than half of all students — 57% — prefer to keep their social and academic lives separate. 

Benefits of eLearning   

1. It saves time and money. It is cost-effective, students don't have to travel to take courses and it reduces educational materials cost. Students can have access to their lecture notes anytime and anywhere. 

2. Students have access to study materials as they get updated. 

3. It aids retention. Videos, images and podcasts make learning interactive and engaging, the more engaging and interactive the lessons are, the more students remember. 

4. Online learning promotes independent learning. 

5. It is flexible. Students can define their own speed of learning.

6. It is more effective which gives better results.  

Elexxea Classroom as an eLearning solution 

Elexxea Classroom is an online learning platform that enables institutions to reach their students in their comfort zone and at any time. 

The world is embracing technologies rapidly and every of its systems. With the new trends, eLearning has become the order of the day. Students and trainers are faced with the prospect of learning and teaching remotely as schools are shifting towards remote education. Schools who haven't embraced eLearning are at risk of losing out. 

Substituting traditional learning management system with eLearning is an important step to educational development. eLearning is cheaper, better and faster than traditional learning which is expensive, takes a long time and the results can vary. 

Elexxea Classroom with its modern and easy to use interface, has made learning and teaching simple and more interesting than the traditional learning system.

Elexxea Classroom supports schools, teachers and students in the following ways: 

1. Schools and teachers can create courses and modules easily on Elexxea Classroom. 

2. Teachers can teach their students from anywhere while students can access their lessons from anywhere too. It is not location bound. 

3. As a school, you can add your students to specific courses they are supposed to take. This reduces time and the stress spent by students searching for their courses in the Classroom.

4. Learning becomes interesting when students can learn at their own pace. Students can go over their lecture notes when and as long as they want to. Students can also download their study materials. 

5. With the collaborative features such as chat, question, assignment and live video on Elexxea Classroom, teachers can engage their students and students can participate as learning is ongoing. 

6. Elexxea Classroom helps teachers to organize their classroom. It reduces for teachers the stress of organizing a class in a traditional setting. 

7. Elexxea Classroom enables teachers to present their teaching in creative ways such as the use of images, flowcharts, videos, among others. 

8. As a teacher, your learners can easily grasp your content and digest it, it saves you the time and energy of explaining over and over again, you can easily update your notes, course curriculum using Elexxea Classroom.

9. As a school, you can have students enroll into your school across countries. Students from different countries and backgrounds can enroll to take different courses in your school with Elexxea Classroom.

Schools who are yet to incorporate eLearning system into their learning techniques are running at a high cost and losing their students to those who have embraced it. 

Knowing that eLearning can help your institution grow, sign up for a 14-day free trial on Elexxea Classroom.