Every organization has its day-to-day operations and it varies across different organizations. Operations are what your business does on a daily basis.  

Operations cover all the daily activities and inner works to create the highest level of efficiency of the business. As an organization, checking-in/out, attending, and surveying customers are all part of daily operations. If all you do in a day is just to check customers in and out and manage queues while other things are pending, this affects the organizational productivity as other operations lack proper attention and this causes a decline inefficiency. This is why it's important to improve all your operations. 

 Benefits of Improving Organizational Operations

1. Increase productivity and efficiency 

2. Focus on high priority and pressing tasks  

3. Improve customer experience    

 5. Increase customer loyalty and reduce retention rate 

6. Increase revenue  

Improving Operations in Your Organization with Lobbybase 

Lobbybase is a self-serve customer management system, which captures and analyzes information such as consumer demands, demographics, and customer feedback. 


Lobbybase can help you improve your organizational operations in the following ways: 

1. Self-service customer check-in/out

As a customer walks into your organization, they realizes that there is no need to wait for a line for check-in because they are able to self-check-in using Lobbybase. This improves customer experience and increases check-in efficiency. Employees are able to focus on other tasks, while Lobbybase checks customers in and out. 

2. Faster customer service

It is important to make sure that your customer leaves with a good experience. Lobbybase captures customer's need and inform the right individuals equipped to solve those demands. For example, Lobbybase notifies the hotel front desk as the customer check-ins on Lobbybase. Customers can indicate their reason for visiting, which allows you to provide your customer with the right resources and services. 

3. Gathering customer feedback

Customers don't have to see an employee to provide feedback or make a complaint which may be ineffective and time-consuming. As customers check out, they can provide a feedback using Lobbybase which does not hinder the workflow and productivity of the employees. The feedback is saved in the clouds and can be accessed anytime with just one-click. Using Lobbybase makes it easier for you to gather customer feedback and improves consumer service relationship. 

4. Waiting room management

Organizations find it difficult to manage their waiting rooms, as it is always crowded. Lobbybase manages your waiting room effectively by capturing consumer's needs ahead of time and inform the right person to assist with those demands. You are able to assign customers to employees seamlessly using Lobbybase. It allows the employees to receive customer information ahead of time, which reduces waiting time and increase efficiency. 

5. Resource planning

Lobbybase allows you to evenly assign customers to team members right from the reception without overburdening a few team members. As Lobbybase captures what each customer needs, you can deploy more employees to departments the most customers. 

6. Queue management

Lobbybase provides customizable queuing solutions to meet different queuing problems faced by your organization. You will be able to manage queues at your service areas, which will increase your service efficiency.  

Streamline your daily operation using Lobbybase. Understand your customer's needs and wants to serve them better. In the long run, improving your organizational operations can improve better word-of-mouth marketing, which increases sales and revenue.