Running an enterprise comes with a lot of unforeseen circumstances. When events that are out of ordinary happen, if there is no plan for such, the result may be catastrophic. Insecurity has become the order of the day. Offices are now targets for theft, unlawful entry, kidnapping, bombings, killings and sabotage. Not having a proper security management system is putting your organization at risk.

Crimes against people and property can significantly affect enterprise growth. Theft of business property and crimes against business owners, employees, customers, and others who enter the premises are common, tragic and traumatic when they occur.  

Keeping your workplace safe and secure should be your priority even though it is a daunting task. Your employees need to know they are safe and secure whenever they are at work. Setting up an effective security management outfit in place is crucial to your safety and that of your workplace.

You might think it is enough to only have a security guard or a security company that serves as security personnel for your office. With today's trend, it is not sufficient to have a security guard or company. Certain security companies don't have standard security management systems. 

Certain security companies still use the traditional sign-in system while some don't use it at all. How do they intend to identify an unwanted visitor in your workplace? The world is advancing and so is security threats.  

Apart from alarm systems, CCTV systems and ID badges for your employees and visitors, if any, there is a need for a visitor and security management system. With an increased security around your office, your workplace becomes a safer place for you and your employees.  

Increasing security around your office will provide a sense of security for you and your employees, give you peace of mind, make your employees more productive and make your workplace happier.  

Increasing Security with Lobbybase 

To increase security around your workplace, having a security management system is the first essential step. It will not only help you control who gets access to you and when, but will also provide you with every visitor's details. Lobbybase is a self-service system that helps manage your visitor flow and keeps record of all entries and exits in your premises.

The following are ways Lobbybase can help you increase your security:

1. Digital check-in system 

Have you been using the traditional check-in system? Do you know you can't accurately identify when visitors come in and go out? Some visitors don't record the accurate time they came in and went out while some even forget to sign out while leaving. Lobbybase provides you a digital check-in system. It accurately provides you the time a visitor checks in and out. With this, security threats can easily be tracked because visitors don't have control over time information. 

2. Facial recognition

Another way Lobbybase can help you increase your workplace security is by facial recognition. Lobbybase captures a photo of everyone that enters your workplace. This is one of the things a security guard cannot do. The facial recognition tightens your workplace security. People are aware that when they come into your office, their faces are registered on your system and it becomes easy to identify a compromised visitor. Visitors become self-aware.  

3. Access to visitor details

Lobbybase takes your visitors details and saves it in the cloud. It takes details such as first name, last name, email address and phone number. This gives you access to every visitor details. No visitor can enter your workplace without dropping his/her details. This avoids human error. 

4. Increased privacy

No one can intrude into your privacy. As visitors register at the reception, they are asked to select the employee they want to meet while the employee gets an email and a SMS. The employee knows whether it is a wanted or unwanted visitor. No visitor can enter into any office or meet any employee without a prior notice, this protects you and your employees from a whole lot of harm.

5. Accurate visitor log

With Lobbybase, every visitor has to check in and out with their details which includes their face, name, email address, phone number and signature. Lobbybase gives you accurate information your visitor enters including their check-in and check-out time. 

With the security measures provided by Lobbybase, tracking a security breach is made easy and quick without affecting workflow. 

You would like to increase security around your office? Sign up on Lobbybase for a 14-day free trial.